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I'm Dumas Proud

This baby was born April 24, 2005 to Slightly Scarlett by I'm Dumas Walker (we are still in the process of thinking up a good name to match the talent he is going to have).  Barbie, as we call his dam, has thrown exceptional foals, I'm Scarlett Walker, Scarlett Walker, Dose of Doc, and Delightfully Dumas. I am expecting no less from this fella.  He will be black, with a crescent star.  I have a feeling he will have some size to him.

2 year old stallion, I'm Dumas Proud, just brought in from the pasture, hardly fooled with.  Isn't this breed great!!


I'm Dumas Proud in action - lifted from a video clip.

This gorgeous black beauty is started under saddle and doing very well! He is now a gelding.

I'm Dumas Proud

I'm Dumas Proud has continued the tradition of all of Slightly Scarlet's foals and turned into a beautiful yearling (2006).  This beautiful black colt will have the talent of his siblings-I'm Scarlett Walker, Dose of Doc, and Delightfully Dumas.  What a combination beauty and talent. 

AKA Dufus is over 16HH, just a gentle giant. He will be suitable for trails or show.

Scarlett's Little brother is (pending) I'm Dumas Proud.

He is a big boy much bigger than most of the other foals born during the same time.  He has personality that doesn't stop, very curious  and intelligent.
I'm Dumas Proud I'm Dumas Proud I'm Dumas Proud

Reference Photos courtesy of  The Ancestor Gallery

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